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Nordox® 56 WP


Nordox® 56 WP

Copper Oxide 56% equivalent with Cu++ 50% in WP formulation from NORDOX® 56 WP AS, Norwegia. Basically NORDOX® 56 WP works as Bactericide, Fungicide, Molluscide and Fertilizer as well which gives a “Tonic Effect” to plant growth.
NORDOX® 56 WP is a natural pesticide which has been granted an organic farming certificate from OMRI (Organic material review Institute), USA and Europe Organic Farming IMO (Institute for Marketecology),UE.

In Rice, it’s applied as fertilizer mixed with basic Urea/NPK fertilizer.
Time of Application are pre transplanting, 15 and 30 days after transplanting.
Crops grow healthier, more tilerring and free from snails attack.
Also preventing development seed born rice disease such as Bacterial leaf blight, Bacterial leaf stripe and Blast. Once they disease symptom appears,
spray NORDOX® 56 WP with one week interval until disease stop development.

Now as seed treadment on Corn to control downy mildew.
In Cacao, NORDOX® 56 WP is the best fungiside to control black Pod, Moss and Cancer.

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